About Us

RC Training & Fitness (RCTF) is a private training gym located in Oak Park, IL.  Our philosophy, culture, and standards are influenced by over a decade of experience and teachings from some of the best minds in fitness today.  RCTF is a community of like-minded people who value their training beyond just the obvious physical benefits.  This is a gym like no other.  Our requirements for membership have nothing to do with how fit you are.  Rather, we simply require people who are ready & willing to train alongside us - and become better versions of themselves.

Our gym is private because it allows us to create a positive culture with high standards.  It is a place where our members can feel comfortable pushing themselves to their potential - and trying new challenges - knowing they are among friends.  Each member is held to their own individual standards which are ever evolving along with their progress.  We don’t desire hundreds of members.  If we did, our culture and standards would become diluted - to the point where they would be unrecognizable.  

Each of us has a moral compass.  The difference at RCTF is that we won’t ignore ours.  That’s our promise to you.  We cannot compromise.  We are a small tribe - and if you join us, we will always have your back.

We are not solely a kettlebell gym, nor a movement gym, nor a sports performance gym.  We are simply a results gym.  That means something different for each person who walks through our doors.  In addition to our strict standards, our individualized programming is one of RCTF’s principal qualities that set it apart from other gyms.  Your history, experience, and goals will shape your unique program.  Again, we believe in Results – not in methods or dogmas.

Our mindful, movement-based approach to your training allows us to strengthen old injuries, while also preventing future ones.  However, don’t read injury prevention and think “easy training”.  We like to call it honest, and the honest training at RCTF is not for everyone.  Some will see our strict standards and avoid the challenge, rather than take the time to get it right.  


Some though, will heed the call.  It won’t be easy.  It will be worth it.  People who train at RCTF find success and thrive not only in the gym, but in the rest of their life as well.  That is where the true value of this place lies: your lessons and triumphs in the gym cross-over and enhance every part of your life.  We won't just change the way you train.  We'll change your life.

RC Training & Fitness offers 1-on-1, semi-private, group training, and online programming.

We have sounded the call.  Will you answer?


Our Story

RC Training & Fitness (RCTF) was borne of the idea that when you know better, you do better.  Founder Ross Oberlin left the commercial gym scene to start his own project in the Summer of 2013.  We did no marketing and had no website.  Our growth was simply by word of mouth and our members were walking billboards for our training, philosophy, and methods.  Rather than seek money, we sought knowledge, in an eternal quest to better ourselves and our members.  Over time, word got out about what we were doing.  People who were sick of a gym culture full of compromise and cheap promises, found their way to our door.  This gym is the result of years of hard work from several people.  We’re not an overnight success - and honestly, if that were possible, we wouldn’t have even bothered.  What we have created is far more tangible and valuable because of that hard work.

We have trained junior, high school, collegiate, national team, and tactical athletes to the highest levels of their fields.  The majority of our members though, are uncompromising people in search of something more.  

On the other side of the performance coin, we also have an extensive background with injury prevention and continuing rehab.  Often, individuals are done with a physical therapy/rehabilitation program, but want to continue their path from just “fixed” to “anti-fragile”.  We can help take you there.

We’ve gone from a 400 square foot space in the back of a martial arts studio, to a complete, 2,500 square foot training facility.  The purpose wasn’t to grow for the sake of growth.  It was to make this gym, this culture, accessible to more of our community.  Your community.

In true Chicago & Midwest style, we won’t claim to be better than anyone or anything else.  We let our results speak for us.  We are simply focused on our own path.  We have not and will never stick our flag in the sand.  Rather, we are the tip of a spear in constant flight.  

Always learning.  Always progressing.  Always leading.  

We want you to lead with us.  We have sounded the call.  Will you answer?


Our Coaches

Ross Oberlin (Founder, Owner)


As a Wrestler in High School, I lacked the natural talent that many of my teammates had.  I looked to strength training to help bridge that talent gap.  Early on, I looked to the works of Dan John, Mark Twight, and several other great coaches.  I quickly fell in love with the art & science of maximizing one's potential.  After wrestling, and then MMA, I turned to Jiu-Jitsu to stoke my competitive fire.  I currently train and coach at Tutaj Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Forest Park, under Black Belt, Jon Tutaj.

I've worked at Sports Performance facilities, Physical Therapy offices, Commercial Gyms, my own 1-on-1 training studio, and now, at RC Training & Fitness.

My older brother Eric has Down Syndrome. At an early age, Eric introduced me to the world of Special Olympics (S.O.).  After college, I spent several years running a Special Olympics program, which included coaching the Powerlifting team.  Our athletes went on to earn multiple Gold medals at the National Games!  I'm passionate about Special Olympics and proud to be working on the development of an RCTF  Special Olympics Powerlifting team.

Outside of the gym, I love to read, cook for my wife Michele, play with my daughters Lucy & JoJo, and go hunting with my dog, Moose.

I've forged a long and winding path leading to the open doors at RCTF.  I continue to thirst for knowledge in the interest of giving all our members at RCTF the best possible experience, training, and coaching.

If you choose to answer our call, I'll be there waiting to meet you.

Thank you to everyone who believed in us from the beginning.


Abby Resek (Operations Manager)


I fell in love with RC Training & Fitness (first as a member, then as a coach, and then as a manager) because I know what it feels like to walk into a gym with absolutely no confidence. I was always an un-athletic kid, and I had pegged myself as someone who just wasn’t good at physical activity. Strength training turned all of that around for me. Working and training at RC Training & Fitness gave me confidence in so many areas of my life – as a coach and employee, and just generally as a person. I know what it feels like to be on the outside and I know that our gym has the capacity to change lives. 

I’ve been at RC Training and Fitness for four years. I’m a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) as well as the Operations Manager. Outside the gym, I love reading, playing piano, eating all the spicy food, and watching Parks and Rec or Frasier for the nine billionth time.


James Young, (Head Coach, Athlete Development Coordinator)


After the days of competitive baseball and basketball were behind me, I took a step into the world of strength training and joined my neighborhood gym. Early on my, knowledge of what was actually happening in the gym was very limited. Around me were people much older, stronger, and bigger than me. There wasn’t much variation in my routine and my goal was just to become as big and as strong as my peers. However, lack of proper instruction and failure to maintain proper technique resulted in injury.

During a long rehab I was forced to rethink how I would approach training going forward. I began to develop a passion for kinesiology and exercise science attaining a degree in these fields from North Central College. I came to the realization that optimizing performance does not have to come at the cost of overall health. I want to help people move better and get stronger while staying healthy and pain free. These things are foundational in any long term fitness program and will keep people strong and mobile for years to come!

Outside of the gym I love to play music, go to shows, hike, and hang out with my wife and dog Charlie!