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We know it can feel like nutrition and fitness should go hand in hand.

First and foremost, we are not dietitians, nutritionists, or any other experts on food and nutrition. We do, however, LOVE FOOD. Because food is AMAZING. And, unfortunately, our culture makes it really hard to have a healthy relationship with food. So, here are some resources if you’re interested in learning more.

The F*ck It Diet

Caroline Dooner is a recovered dieter and author of The F*ck It Diet, which is basically the ultimate anti-diet. Learn more about the F*ck it Diet at Caroline Dooner’s website HERE, or just buy the book HERE!

The Real Life RD

Robyn is an anti-diet registered dietician focused on Health at Every Size and Women’s Wellness. You can check out her blog HERE

You can also check out her Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates and posts!

Christy Harrison, RD

Christy Harrison is also an anti-diet dietician who teaches intuitive eating and hosts the Food Psych podcast. You can check out the podcast HERE, or follow her Instagram page HERE for regular updates. Or, learn more about Christy at her website HERE!